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Re Brand Morse and Cleveland into Little Africa

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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ColumbusING.com wrote Re Brand Morse Road and Cleveland Avenue into Little Africa

by Eddy Monday April 14, 2008

I was driving through Morse Road and Cleveland Avenue over the weekend and was struck by how bland the neighborhood is. Morse Road reeks of bad 70’s strip mall design and is peppered with blocks of empty retail plaza’s. On the other hand I was impressed with its concentration of mostly West and East African residents and businesses . On Morse Road there are about a half dozen Halal grocery stores and on Cleveland Avenue there are several West African restaurants, hair supply stores and convenient stores. It’s a known fact that second to Minneapolis Columbus has the second largest Somalian population in the country. This phenomena is due to the Somali civil war in the mid 90’s. Plus during the Mayor’s State of The City address he announced that Kumasi Ghana will be one of Columbus’ sister cities.


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