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Rambling House Set to Bring Gourmet Soda Pop to the Market

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Rambling House Set to Bring Gourmet Soda Pop to the Market
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Rambling houses are typically places where a community could come together to enjoy local music, share stories, and basically revel in the company of friends and neighbors. Rambling House Soda Pop, located at 310 East Hudson Street, is just this sort of establishment, a place where craft drink meets local hang-out.

The Lynch family began brewing beer about 10 years ago. A hobby at first, John and his siblings began creating really good brew, only to find themselves doing so in a time when everyone else had also figured out how to do the same.

So, what’s a brewmaster who wants to do something different and stand out from his peers to do?  Switch to making gourmet soda pop, of course. Not only was it a market fairly unsaturated, but Lynch also figured it was a product the community needed as well.

“They already had the space and knew they still wanted to open a brew pub-type place in the neighborhood,” recalls Evan Lynch, matriarch of the Lynch clan. “But with everyone else making craft beer, they thought, ‘what can we do here that would be different but still have the same effect?’ And this idea was born.”

Rambling House Soda Pop currently makes eight variations of their deliciously potent and refreshing flavors, including familiar classics like Ginger Beer, Lemon Lime, and Cherry, as well as new-fangled ones, like Salted Caramel. They are also always experimenting with fresh, local ingredients, so new varieties are regularly introduced.

At present, Rambling House Soda Pop’s Root Beer can be found on tap at the Ohio Tap Room, 1291 West Third Avenue, and several specialty blends will soon be sold at the new Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace, set to open this Fall at 2836 West Broad Street.

Other upcoming carriers of Rambling House include White Rabbit and the Gateway Film Center, the latter of which handed the reins of its in-house restaurant over to the Columbus Food League Group. There are also plans to begin bottling and potential for growler fills in the near future.

Rambling House made their debut at Comfest this year, and you can find their fun-filled offerings at festivals around the city and the Pearl Market throughout the month of October. On Wednesdays, they host Bluegrass Night at the store: an impromptu gathering of neighborhood musicians for a freestyle jam session. Soda Pop is free for all who attend.

The Lynches plan to officially launch the Rambling House in mid-November. It’s a true family affair, with John and Jennifer as co-owners of the business, brother James and sister-in-law Maria involved in the hands-on completion and operation of the outfit, brother-in-law, Brent Skatzes, doing all the artwork, and mom, Evan, the ultimate saleswoman.

“John and his siblings are working really hard to make this a reality,” Evan adds. “They’ve got a great plan, and the community has embraced what they’re trying to do. I’m so proud of them, and proud to be working with family.”

For more on Rambling House Soda Pop flavors, visit their website at www.theramblinghouse.com.

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