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Radiant and Centered Yoga Combine and Focus on Online Classes

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Radiant and Centered Yoga Combine and Focus on Online ClassesLaura Lampe hopes to welcome students back to Radiant Yoga and Wellness in the future. Photo by Nancy Alkire.
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Radiant Yoga & Wellness and Centered Yoga & Movement have both combined to offer online yoga and, in the future, in-person programs for every yoga body, including children.

“We have gotten great feedback,” said Pruitt, owner of Radiant Yoga in Worthington. “Online yoga gives students and teachers the ability to stay safe for their families.”

Shoma Jha, owner of Centered Yoga, says uniting the two studios gives students more opportunities to practice with access to more teachers.

“I am just thrilled to have a chance to sustain our communities safely,” said Pruitt. Radiant Yoga had expanded into a historic Worthington building at 634 High Street before the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered yoga and fitness businesses in March of 2020.

“As a registered nurse,” says Pruitt, “what I saw in the hospital really scared me. Thinking that a studio could be a source of infection guided my decision to stay closed [when ReStart Ohio allowed limiting openings with restrictions] in June. I consider safety and wellness for my students and teachers a top priority.”

Like Pruitt, Jha also kept Centered Yoga’s classes online from June onwards. “It has been a really good, ‘silver-lining’ experience in many ways,” she says.

Jha is married to a physician and has several relatives working in healthcare. She was also uncomfortable operating a physical studio during a pandemic. With all of these difficult decisions, the two owners found themselves in need of support and advice. Jha and Pruitt joined a Facebook group of yoga studio owners, including teachers in Italy and the UK, and found their experiences helpful and support invaluable.

Students and family nudged Jha and Pruitt into holding online classes. “They so wanted us to succeed online,” said Pruitt. “I didn’t want to learn all the technology at first,” says Jha, “but it has brought us so many new connections.” 

Seeing the sanctuaries that students and teachers have carved out for their yoga and mindfulness practices has been interesting. Getting to know pets and family has also been fun. “I think that many students have found going back to the basics online has been transforming,” stated Jha.

Eventually, the 200-year old wooden beams and wavy-glassed windows at 634 High Street will be ringing with “Om Shanti” again. Jha and Pruitt plan to have camps for kids and other programs as soon as it is possible to do so safely.

Outdoor classes on the Worthington Green are likely, too, when weather permits. For now, established Centered and Radiant teachers such as Abby Dorn, Stephanie Estice, Emily Dicken, and Marina Zahran among others will be online under Radiant Yoga and Wellness.

“Yoga is about connection and cooperation,” agreed Pruitt and Jha. “Putting aside egos and helping each other out is what we can do for our communities. We are grateful to sustain our communities safely.”

To book a class visit radiantyogaandwellness.com. For a limited time, the promo code RadiantYou provides a free intro class. A 6-week Ayurvedic class exploring natural healing and wellness begins February 14, 2021.  Private wellness therapies such as Reiki and energy work are also available.

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