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Raccoon Coffee Truck Bringing Caffeine to the Streets

Walker Evans Walker Evans Raccoon Coffee Truck Bringing Caffeine to the Streets
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Jakob Murphy and Ami Iannone have a combined 15 years in the coffee and restaurant business. They’ve worked at Cup O Joe, Stauf’s, Brioso, Coffea (in Lexington Kentucky), The Sycamore and Salaam (in Athens). And now the duo are ready to launch their own venture as Raccoon Coffee, a mobile truck-based business hitting the streets this Spring.

We spoke with Jakob and Ami recently to find out more about their new venture. Our full Q&A can be found below:

Q: What was the idea behind launching a mobile coffee truck operation?

A: We love the Columbus food truck scene and we noticed that there wasn’t a really prominent coffee truck in town. Jakob has always wanted to open a coffee business, and this seemed like a great opportunity to do something really unique. It also offers us the opportunity to take the cafe setting to areas that are under served; where your only option is a cup of drive-through fast food coffee. One of our goals with the truck is to make it a really aesthetically pleasing experience. When you walk up you won’t just see stainless steel and fluorescent lights — we want there to be a real ambience to the place.

Q: Do you have plans to eventually open a full brick and mortar shop, or do you want to stay mobile?

A: We are taking everything step by step — for now we want to see how the mobile operation develops. We love the freedom of a mobile shop and the endless possibilities, like music festivals, private parties, and community events. We’re not opposed to a brick and mortar, but that isn’t the goal at the outset. We’re excited to see where it goes.

Q: What types of coffee/espresso drinks and food will you feature?

A: Coffee-wise, we’ll have a pour-over bar for the purists, but good drip coffee too. A strong cold brew for iced coffee. Seasonally changing homemade syrups for adding to drinks (Ami has lots of experience with this from designing cocktail menus). There won’t be a long list of signature drinks, we want to keep it simple and delicious. As Tip Top’s Menu says “Our blender is broken, forever.”

We’ll also have a specialized Brioso espresso blend that will only be available at Raccoon Coffee. We’re considering featuring a different local roaster on a rotating basis. We’re huge fans of the Upper Cup guys.

We’ll also be selling tiny pies, which are Ami’s major contribution. She started baking pies with her granny Tootsie when she needed a step-stool to reach the counter. She will be baking the pies and some other goods (biscotti and tiny quiche, and whatever customers seem to enjoy). The menu will be small and ever-changing. And we are invested in using quality, local ingredients whenever possible.

Q: Where will our readers be able to find you once you’re launched this Spring?

A: We hope to be present at major festivals and events. Everything depends on zoning and permits when you’re mobile. We’d love to get a permanent morning spot during the week and travel around on the weekends. We will be very attuned to customer’s input and the menu and location will change based on feedback and suggestions.

For more information, visit www.raccooncoffee.com.

From February 3rd to February 9th, Columbus Underground is celebrating Coffee Week 2014! Throughout the week, we’ll be taking a look at various coffee shops, roasters, brands, businesses and the people that contribute to this rapidly growing local movement.

Coffee Week 2014 is presented by our friends Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, providing handcrafted coffee to Columbus, OH since 1991. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for more information.

Coffee Week supporting sponsorship by Stauf’s Coffee Roasters.


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