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Pursuit Relocating to The Short North

Walker Evans Walker Evans Pursuit Relocating to The Short NorthPhoto by Walker Evans.
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Local suit retailer Pursuit first popped up in the South Campus Gateway back in 2011, and four years later they’re ready to expand into a new space. This summer, the store will relocate to 937 North High Street in the Short North, in a prominent spot located between Northstar Cafe and Paradise Garage.

Pursuit’s owner Nate DeMars originally launched the business to cater to new college graduates in need of an affordable-yet-stylish suit for their first job interviews, but he says that the business model has grown and evolved beyond just that.

“The audience has matured and developed and we’ve learned that a decent chunk of our business was young professionals with same needs,” he explained. “And over time that’s only grown because some of our first college customers from four years ago are now young professionals as return customers.”

DeMars says that evolution is what prompted the move to the Short North, which has stronger foot traffic for the retail side of his business.

“There really won’t be a significant change in our products at the new store, and the high level of customer service we provide will be the same,” he added. “Guys want advice and they want one-on-one interaction when buying a suit, whether they’re 18 years old or 38 years old.”

The new 1440 square foot Pursuit store — which is around 60% larger than the old one — will feature additional displays, more fitting rooms, additional lounge space, and in-store tailoring. Construction will begin soon and DeMars hopes to have the store open for a preview for the July Gallery Hop with a grand opening a few weeks afterward.

“This will allow us to do a lot of other things we’ve wanted to do and never had room for,” said DeMars. “We get asked to host a lot of wedding parties for groomsmen and a large space will allow us to do that. We’ll also be able to permanently install our photobooth so people can get all dressed up and get their photo taken, which is great for updating your LinkedIn profile. We thought people would be sick of photobooths by now, but they still get more popular every year.”

DeMars is still planning the return of the wildly popular Chrismisc pop-up ugly sweater shop this holiday season, which he expanded to Dayton last year, and the Pursuit mobile suit truck will continue to appear at events and festivals throughout the region.

To read more about the new Pursuit, CLICK HERE for the story at TheMetropreneur.com.

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