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Treat to Try: Purely Sweet Brownies

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Purely Sweet Brownies
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From all appearances, it looks like a pretty normal brownie. Granted, the oversized treat is scaled to about three times the dimensions of the conventional bar, but outside of that: it’s a rich, dark brown square, cut with tidy symmetry, and topped with artsy streaks of peanut butter drizzle. That’s pretty much in line with a typical brownie.

But there’s something different about this one. It’s made in Dayton by an operation called Purely Sweet, and Purely Sweet specializes in gluten free and paleo products. True to form, its brownies are not only be gluten-free, but also paleo. Or at least, paleo-esque, as the rules for paleo eating seems like the subject of many self-righteous debates.

Sadly, there seems to be no living witnesses to eating habits of the paleolithic era, so the disputes are unresolvable.

In terms of texture, the treat is a dense, fudgey brownie. It’s like many on the market made with conventional ingredients. In addition to its drizzle, it also has teeny chunks of pecans and some sort of chocolate chips that are made with cane juice and coconut butter (per the label).

You can tell the brownie has something different going on when it comes to the flavor department. There’s no table sugar on the ingredient list. It’s sweetened with honey and maple syrup instead. The agents make for a different, deeper sort of sweetness. It’s distinct from sugar, which is good or bad, depending on your views of sugar.

The gluten-free label means it has no flour (or other gluten-containing products). Its label doesn’t advertise a paleo angle, but paleo dieters typically shu all processed foods such as the aforementioned table sugar. For those who are abstaining, this brownie fills a lttle void.

Purely Sweet is being sold at gourmet grocers like The Hills. The brownies come with a premium price tag, $6.99 — but in addition to the fancy ingredients, it’s also cut large enough to merit more than one serving. You’ll find a changing selection of products available from Purely Sweet that includes cupcakes and cookies too.

For more information, visit www.purelysweet.co.

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