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Proposal Calls For Replacing Donatos Building in Short North

Brent Warren Brent Warren Proposal Calls For Replacing Donatos Building in Short NorthRendering via Architectural Alliance.
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A new proposal from Elford Development calls for demolishing the 1990’s-era Donatos building at 920 North High Street in the Short North. Replacing the existing one-story building would be a two-story structure featuring a redesigned Donatos as well as space for three additional retail or office tenants.

The latest details of the proposal will be presented to the Italian Village Commission at their September 16th meeting. Renderings and a site plan provided to Columbus Underground show factory-style windows along an extended High Street frontage. Two smaller retail storefronts are sandwiched between the Donatos and 4,000 square-foot corner space.

The new Donatos would feature patio seating along High Street and would retain its drive-through window, although the overall footprint of the parking lot would be reduced significantly.


Elford initially brought the proposal to the Italian Village Commission for conceptual review in June. They returned in July with a more fleshed-out vision, receiving mostly positive feedback from commissioners.

Pricing and floorplan information was recently released for another Elford project, the Fireproof Building, which sits a block north of the Donatos site on High Street.

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