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Proposal Calls for Condos in Historic Church, New Townhomes

Brent Warren Brent Warren Proposal Calls for Condos in Historic Church, New TownhomesPhotos by Walker Evans.
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A new proposal calls for the conversion of a historic Italian Village church into eight condominiums. The vacant lot next door to the church would see two new, four-story buildings. Together the new buildings would hold 14 townhome-style condominiums, each with parking on the first floor and three floors of living space above.

The proposal comes from Joe Armeni’s development company, New Victorians, which has multiple projects in various stages of completion throughout the neighborhood. Armeni first disclosed his plans for the church – which sits at 285 East Fourth Avenue – in an interview with Columbus Underground last summer.

Plans call for a six-car garage to be built behind the church. That garage, along with the first-floor garages in the townhomes and a handful of additional surface parking spots, would allow for each unit to have either one or two spaces.



Armeni said that the new buildings will have a warehouse aesthetic meant to respond to the large Clark Grave Vault manufacturing facilities that sit along the railroad tracks. As for the converted church, he said the plan is to follow the template he used for the restoration of the York Masonic Lodge on High Street; each unit would have multiple levels and it’s own separate entrance along the side of the building.

The proposal will be brought to the October 21st meeting of the Italian Village Commission for a conceptual review.

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