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PromoWest Fest Cancelled for 2017

Walker Evans Walker Evans PromoWest Fest Cancelled for 2017Fans pack the park for the inaugural PromoWest Fest in 2016 — Photo by Matt Ellis.
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Representatives at PromoWest Productions announced this afternoon that the PromoWest Fest will not return this summer due to a required venue change. The event is expected to return in 2018 if a new site can be selected and secured in time for planning that year’s event.

The inaugural event took place from July 15 to July 17 at McFerson Commons in The Arena District with nearly 30,000 people in attendance. Since then, new development has been announced to replace some of the empty surface parking lots near the park with new residences, which means a smaller available footprint and conflicting construction schedules for the festival.

“We understand that this event needs to grow in order to be successful, and we believe that this market can support that growth,” stated Brian Ellis, President and COO of Nationwide Realty Investors, which owns McFerson Commons Park. “However, due to the physical restrictions of McFerson Commons and the adjacent development, the opportunities for growth on this site are very limited. We are committed to helping identify a more suitable location that can better accommodate the nature and scale of this event and allow for growth in future years.”

For more information, visit www.promowestlive.com.

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