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Preview: The Cliks at Kobo tonight

Briana Henry Briana Henry Preview: The Cliks at Kobo tonight
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Releasing themselves from hiatus, The Cliks have progressed from poppy and catchy to music with more soul and blues. After gender reassignment surgery, Lucas Silveira remains the lead singer of The Cliks, and was voted “The Sexiest Canadian Man” in 2010 by Chart Attack. While the struggles of gender identity seemingly only came to light for the average music lover with the announcement of  Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!’s transition from a man to woman, Silveira, who transitioned from a woman to a man, and I spoke briefly about the challenges and triumphs of being trans and their latest music video for their single “Savanna”.

Lucas Silveira: There’s many levels to it. I was worried about my voice, being a key thing in my life, no one told me. People concentrate so much on the physical but they don’t talk about the emotional pain. It’s not that I don’t feel sadness, but I can’t cry now.

LS: We came up with the concept with my producer. We wanted cute “ooo” girls to show up out of the blue, I’d be lying with my girlfriend and [it’s like] “you’re mean to me and you’ll see what you’re missing”…

LS: I feel more at peace, but I still have work to do.

Supporting The Cliks are Fletch and Intercontinental Champs. Tonight’s show at Kobo will be fun, and one where I will be in attendance. Tickets are available at the door for $12 or online here. Check out their latest album, “Black Tie Elevator”, which dropped in April last month.

*Special thanks to Stephanie Hnidka for her aid in the writing of this article.

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