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Preview: Rock for Rescue

Briana Henry Briana Henry
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Tonight, Columbus is already stacked with too much to do. But I already know you all are going to call off on Friday anyway. Eliminate the guilt by supporting a local animal shelter. Ace of Cups is hosting a benefit for the all volunteer run charity, Stop the Suffering. The charity saves local potential pets from euthanasia and gives them a second chance at life as well as another opportunity to be adopted. I briefly spoke with Salina Wenzel, a volunteer at the organization, about Stop the Suffering, putting together a show for the first time, and the raffles available.

Briana Henry: What is your position? What company is it for, and what exactly do you do?

Salina Wenzel: It’s a non-profit, all volunteer based, which started in Licking County originally. It’s based in central Ohio. More than anything I volunteer. I’ve temporarily fostered.

BH: How did the show come about? It was your idea initially, correct?

SW: Yes. Lynne Aronson, she’s one of the organizers for the group, sent a mass email to the volunteers stating that we needed to come up with some fundraising events. We acquired a lot of animals that required veterinary care and she wanted to reach out to see what we could come up with.  What I’d be capable of doing and what they’ve done in the past that may have a chance at being successful fundraising wise…it just kind of happened.

BH: How did you pick the performers for the benefit?

SW: I actually started asking around, more so for advice from people from the Columbus area who were more resourceful with this kind of thing.  I spoke with Sam from The Up All Nights and I asked him for advice because I told him I wanted to put together an event and I had no idea what I was doing. I’d never booked anything. First he recommended that I speak with Amy, who organized Columbus Rocks the Cure. I ended up asking her advice and Sam offered to play without me even asking. And that’s kind of how it started. In one day all of these bands started pouring in.  It was really shocking how much of a positive response I got.

BH: Who else is playing besides the Up All Nights?

SW: Yellow Paper Planes, Ranger Danger, and Mathew Franklin and Lex Vegas from Cadaver Dogs.

BH: How will the raffle work? Do you buy a raffle ticket and then..

SW: Yes. besides the cover at the door, the raffle will be the only other thing that will go towards the organization. Buy a raffle tickets and there are going to be a lot of great prizes.  We’ve got some really good ones.  We have J. Gumbo, Dan’s Deli, Chipotle, tickets for Walk the Moon and The Neighbourhood.  I wanted to have something musically oriented in there.

If unable to attend the show this Thursday, donations are always accepted on their website.  The latest addition as a prize for winning the raffle are tickets to Queens of the Stone Age.  Make your Friday hangover worth it by starting and ending your Thursday night at Ace of Cups.  Admission is $5 and the doors open at 9:00 PM. Ace of Cups is located in Clintonville at 2619 North High Street.

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