Preview: Lydia Loveless tonight at Ace of Cups

Briana Henry Briana Henry Preview: Lydia Loveless tonight at Ace of Cups
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Start your weekend a little early with Comfest alum and favorite, Lydia Loveless. It’s been awhile since we’ve caught up with Lydia, and since there’s a hometown show tonight, it was perfect timing. I sent some questions to Lydia last night and woke up with answers of running away from exes (I thought I was the only one!), weed, and rock n roll.

Briana Henry: What can we expect tonight since it’s a hometown show?

Lydia Loveless: Well, we will definitely be in our element. Our last local show was six months ago so it will be a lot different. I have a new drummer, and new songs, which me and my guitar player have been working on a lot more together. So the guitar work is more intricate, plus harmonies are better. We love playing rock and roll and we really love each other so it should show in the performance.

BH: When can we expect the new record, or is still a work in progress?

LL: Sadly, not ‘til early next year. It’s still being worked on. I will have an EP out beforehand though.

BH: Do you plan on playing any new songs tonight?

LL: YES! I am really excited to play them.

BH: What do you plan to do now that you’re back home and have some free time?

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LL: Writing songs as much as possible. I am realizing I need to do that every day in order to have an album out as often as I’d like. And a little bit of relaxing and hanging out with people I never see, and spending time with my kettle bell and running shoes.

BH: What are your favorite things about Comfest?

LL: Seeing friends I never see, and hiding behind trees from exes, and weed (legalize it!).  Just kidding of course…ish.

BH: If you are attending, what bands are you the most excited to see?

LL: I won’t be hanging out as much this year, oddly enough because I live in the neighborhood and get a little exhausted, but I am really excited to see my sister play in The Girls!.

Go ahead and start that fake cough now so you can not only call off work tomorrow for the start of Comfest, but also to see Lydia Loveless, Washington Beach Bums, and Fort Shame (who are also playing the Offramp stage on Sunday at 4:30PM) tonight. Tickets are $5 at the door.

Photo by Chris Walker Photography.

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