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Preview: Destroyer of Light at Tree Bar

Briana Henry Briana Henry Preview: Destroyer of Light at Tree BarDestoyer of Light
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Tonight, evil descends onto the Tree Bar courtesy of Austin doom metal band, Destroyer of Light.  Taking cues from their brethren, Black Sabbath, DoL layers their sentiments to the dark lord in the darkest and sludgiest way they know how. Preparing for the band’s first tour, I spoke with guitarist and lead singer, Steve Colca extensively about the band’s sound, creepy music video, and off the record, our love of Columbus’ very own, Lo-Pan.

Destoyer of Light

Briana Henry: Will it be your first time in Columbus?

Steve Colca: I’m originally from Michigan, so I’ve been to Ohio but, none of us have toured through it, but even if one or two people are there, we’ll play as if there were 100.

BH: So Black Sabbath is an apparent influence on you guys…

SC: When I first started playing guitar, I liked all kinds of rock and roll but Tony Iommi’s guitar riffs blew me away because they were from the early 1970s.  We kind of took on that sound but also growing from there, we wanted to have a classic feel, but add a modern touch.

BH: Let’s talk about this creepy music video of yours…

SC: It’s kinda cool.  All my lyrics are short horror stories, but the song is about a serial killer killing in the name of a God, but ends up going to hell anyway.  My buddy listened to that song and came up with the concept. He wanted Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a twist.

BH: I have to ask about that gross thing that was cut into in the middle of the table, just so I can sleep at night. What the hell was that?

SC: It was just a piece of bread with cottage cheese and food coloring. It smelled so bad!

Also influenced by the Danish metal outfit, King Diamond, I recommended Lo-Pan and Eye as some of the best local talent in Columbus. Shine up that pentagram necklace and venture to the Tree Bar tonight for Destroyer of Light, Beggars, and War Elephant.

Visit the Tree Bar at 887 Chambers Rd Columbus, OH 43212.

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