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Preview: Bonnaroo365 at A&R Music Bar

Briana Henry Briana Henry Preview: Bonnaroo365 at A&R Music BarMaps & Atlases
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Maps & Atlases

Tonight, give Sandy the middle finger and dance to the music of White Denim, Maps & Atlases, and Tiny Victories at A&R Bar.

I admit, when usually friends tell me about bands, I ignore them. Finding out about a band “organically” seems to be more my jam as of late, so I, of course, am running after a late bus of music discovery, while my friends are already at their destination. While listening to Maps & Atlases, I realized what all the fuss was about.

I asked a few questions from Dave of Maps & Atlases as they were en route to their next gig on the Bonnaroo tour. The sound of the road in the background provided the soundtrack to our interview.

Briana Henry: How would you say Beware and Be Grateful is different than Perch Patchwork?

Dave Davison: I think the biggest part is evolving with the band by not only playing, but exploring sounds and tastes that evolve over time. We wanted to also try to create layers with the instruments we have.

BH: What is your writing process? Is it one person that writes or is it a group effort?

DD: A lot of times we’ll have a basic song idea. With this album, we start there and then the rest of the band comes together and sees how it takes shape.

BH: I always like to ask bands this question: what are you listening to on the road since it can get boring?

DD: We listen to audio books. We’re almost done with the third Hunger Games book. Also, NPR [while travelling] makes it go a lot faster on the road.

Tickets are available for this show for only $12, and goodness knows you’ve probably paid the same for some crappy band who somehow thought they were the shit. The lineup is solid and this is most likely the best way to get back at that bitch, Sandy. Well, this and whiskey.

Photo by Christopher Hainey.


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