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Potential for New Walkable Urban Business Districts in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans Potential for New Walkable Urban Business Districts in Columbus
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There’s an amazing post that went up today over on XingColumbus. John Wirtz has crunched a lot of numbers to determine the aggregate income density of various census tracts in Central Ohio to not only review the economic vitality of existing urban business districts, but to also study areas that could support new commercial development.

It’s little surprise that the areas topping the list for aggregate income density include Victorian Village, Harrison West, German Village, The Brewery District and South Clintonville.

More surprisingly, several suburban neighborhoods have the income density to support walkable commercial corridors that don’t currently exist, including areas such as Old Sawmill and Upper Arlington (the latter of which is currently working on a new commercial district on Lane Avenue).

Additionally, several of our inner-city neighborhoods that are currently under-served by retail are high on the list for income density, including The Hilltop, Olde Towne East and Merion Village.

The entire article is worth a good read, and there’s enough data tables and heatmaps to make any urban planning geek’s heart skip a beat. Read the full story, here: Aggregate Income Density: A Measure of Potential for Walkable Urban Business Districts.


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