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Potential Columbus Light Rail Map

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Following up on the previous thread, I’ve created a map now using the railroads around town:

There are also T-Shirts of this design at Skreened.

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you happen to own a music studio there), the entire North-East side gets no rail love (put the tracks in the roads?)…

Looking at other transit maps from other cities, there are all kinds of ways you could integrate COTA into a new solution. Really, the possibilities are endless.

I spent some time also looking at Calgary’s C-Train and it is important to note that a light rail system doesn’t have to use existing rails everywhere, nor does it have to be complex.

So, If you’d like to make your own map (and I know you do) this map is also Creative Commons licensed for non-commercial share-alike use, and available for download in several resolutions and formats. Also available over there is a tracing of the tracks, if you’d like to make one that’s more geographically accurate. I used Inkscape, exclusively, for all of the designs.

Thank you all for the support and kind words since the last one!!! Hope you all enjoy! But, also, in the spirit of a good debate, what simple routes could actually happen the fastest, cheapest, and perhaps augment COTA using its strengths? The last thread was getting there with that…… ;D

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