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Population Growth Slows in Ohio, Despite Gains in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans Population Growth Slows in Ohio, Despite Gains in Columbus
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The latest US Census data released at the end of 2019 reveals that the population growth in our country is slowing overall. Fewer births and more deaths have caused the national annual increase to dip below the one million mark for the first time in decades.

While Ohio remains the seventh most populous state in the country, its growth rate mirrors the national trend, only inching up by an estimated total of 12,759 residents in 2019 to a total of 11,689,100 Ohioans.

As many Ohio cities decline in population, Columbus and the Central Ohio region have regularly made the top lists for fastest growing municipalities in the country — most recently clocking in 11th place with 10,770 new Columbus residents gained between July 1, 2017, and July 1, 2018 according to US Census estimates. The formal US Census will take place in 2020.

Regional experts are projecting that the population of Central Ohio is expected to grow from two million in 2016 to three million by the year 2050, and is taking steps toward planning to accomodate that continued growth.

Meanwhile, world population experts are expecting the global population growth to slow to a halt by the year 2100 with most of the century’s growth occurring in Africa.

For more info on growth in Central Ohio, CLICK HERE to tune into our recent podcast interview with MORPC Executive Director William Murdock.

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