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Police Chief Quinlan Recommends Termination of Officer Adam Coy

Anne Evans Anne Evans Police Chief Quinlan Recommends Termination of Officer Adam CoyPolice Chief Thomas Quinlan delivers recommendation on Officer Adam Coy in December.
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As a result of the inappropriate action taken by Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy on the early morning of December 22, 2020, resulting in the death of Andre’ Hill, a 47-year-old Black man, Chief of Police Thomas Quinlan has recommended the termination of Coy from the police force.

In a video statement released tonight, Chief Quinlan begins: “Today is Christmas Eve. A time when we should be gathering with those we love. The family of Andre Hill has nothing to celebrate this holiday. Someone very important won’t be with them this holiday, or any other. A Columbus Police Officer is responsible for that.”

Quinlan has filed two departmental charges alleging critical misconduct against Coy. The recommendation of termination now moves to the Public Safety Director. Coy will not receive a hearing before the chief of police. Quinlan states this step is being bypassed because of the body cam footage.

“I have seen everything I need to see to reach the conclusion that officer Coy must be terminated. Immediately,” states Quinlan in the statement.

The two independent investigations underway, one focused on Coy and the other focused on the other officers involved, will continue.

“Any other officers found to have violated policy will be held accountable,” says Quinlan.

The preliminary investigation indicates Mr. Hill was visiting someone at the home when officers arrived on the scene due to a noise complaint. A weapon was not recovered at the scene.

Neither officer at the scene activated their body-worn cameras until immediately after the shooting. The footage does capture Mr. Hill walking toward the officer with a cell phone in his left hand and his right hand not visible, as well as a delay in the rendering of first-aid to Mr. Hill.

Because of a 60-second “look back” feature of the cameras, the shooting itself was captured on video, but without audio. And, because lights and sirens were not engaged because this was a non-emergency run, the dash camera in the police cruiser was also not activated.

The hearing before the Public Safety Director will happen on Monday morning, where the Director will rule on Quinlan’s recommendation of termination of Officer Coy.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation will continue with their investigation of Mr. Hill’s death, to determine if Officer Coy violated the law and if a prosecutor will become involved.

The family of Andre’ Hill will hold a vigil on Saturday, December 26, 2020 at 6pm at the Brentnell Community Recreation Center.

Taijuan Moorman contributed to this story.

Update 12/28/20: Columbus Public Safety Director Ned Pettus, Jr. held a hearing on Monday morning and decided to uphold Chief Quinlan’s recommendation to terminate Mr. Coy. “His disciplinary recommendation is well-supported and appropriate.” Comments on the other officers involved and allegations of misconduct by Coy were not made due to the ongoing investigations.

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