Pocket Produce Bringing Healthy Lunches to Clintonville

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Pocket Produce Bringing Healthy Lunches to ClintonvilleRendering by Faith Bartrug Design.
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Clintonville is gearing up to gain a new health-focused grab-and-go restaurant.

Pocket Produce is will be opening its doors later this spring at 3496 North High Street.

Owner Natalie Appelbaum, a former social worker, has always been on the lookout for filling, nutritious lunches. After her efforts to find the perfect meal proved futile, she decided to tackle the problem on her own and open a storefront. She nabbed the former Melissa’s Incredible Edibles location last April.

“We’re at a point where people are ready for this healthy food thing,” said Appelbaum. “I’m excited about having everything together in one convenient, satisfying, delicious, filling meal. I couldn’t find it anywhere.”

The freshly remodeled location clocks in at a compact 1,000 square feet, with 400 utilized in the rear kitchen.

The menu will specialize in what Appelbaum calls whole-meal salads — nutritionally dense bowls that are equally delicious as they are filling. Salmon nicoise, Greek, Asian, Southwest, and Cobb are the five main salads, layered with rows of fresh ingredients. Each bowl costs $7.95. The bowls stand alone as vegan, but customers can add on a side protein: grilled chicken and tofu, beans, or brown rice. Smaller side salads (like potato salad and a green salad mix) will be available as well.

“The whole idea is to energize and nourish people,” said Appelbaum. “How you feel is also important after you eat, and we can connect with how they need to feel satisfied.”

Ready-made and refrigerated lunches will be available in grab-and-go coolers.

Four made-to-order smoothies will be available: green glory, mango, mixed berry, and chocolate. The green glory features kale, pineapple, coconut milk, and banana with a touch of maple syrup for sweetness. A dash of ginger and cayenne pepper will spice up the mango smoothie, while a dose of peanut butter will boost the protein in the chocolate option.

Kombucha, coffee, and tea will additionally be served. Appelbaum is also toying with the idea of quick-grab snack items towards the front.

It’s early in the game, but Appelbaum is already looking towards expansion.

“I think we have enough of a kitchen that we can go beyond this immediate location with what we’re putting out,” said Appelbaum.

No exact opening date has been determined, but Appelbaum aims to be open during the Clintonville Farmer’s Market reopening debut on April 30. Pocket Produce will be open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

To read more about the business behind Pocket Produce, CLICK HERE to visit TheMetropreneur.com.

For more information, visit www.pocketproduce.com.

Rendering by Faith Bartrug Design.

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