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Plum Run Winery Operates Franklin County’s Only Working Vineyard

Walker Evans Walker Evans Plum Run Winery Operates Franklin County’s Only Working Vineyard
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ColumbusUnderground recently celebrated Wine Week, where we profiled several local wineries and vineyards, and one thing we quickly realized was that there were more wine makers in Central Ohio than we could fit into just one week! So we’re working to continue our coverage of the local grape growing and wine producing businesses in Central Ohio year-round, starting with a look at Plum Run Winery in Grove City.

Plum Run was officially established in 2012, but there’s a history underneath the business that dates much further back.

“I have been making home made wine for over 30 years and started planting grapes on our farm in 2001,” said Plum Run co-owner Dave Crosby, who founded the business with his wife Diane. “We are focusing on grapes from Ohio… some come from our own vineyard while others come from a variety of vineyards throughout Ohio.”

The vineyard — which grows varieties including Vidal, Traminette, Chambourcin and Cabernet Franc — is located on three acres of land just south of Grove City (the only working vineyard in Franklin County), while the winery can be found in the middle of Grove City’s Downtown area at 3946 Broadway Avenue.

“We offer wine flights and tastings anytime we are open,” added Crosby. “We have an outdoor patio seating 24 and an indoor area that seats at least 32. We often host events, from dinners with a local chef to ladies nights out with massages. We are available for rental and special events as well.”

Crosby says that the wine industry as a whole is growing rapidly in Central Ohio with over 23 wineries now operating in the region and more on the way. Plum Rum also has growth planned in the near future when the begin selling outside of their tasting room in local bars and restaurants.

More information can be found online at www.plumrunwinery.com.

Photo via Plum Run Winery.

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