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Planning the Perfect Local Picnic

Jenna Taylor Jenna Taylor Planning the Perfect Local Picnic
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Prepping a picnic ahead of time is comparable to buying frozen dinners… it sucks all the fun from the experience. So why not customize a picnic to your liking? Not only will this create a more memorable experience for you and your significant other but it may also ease the anxiety if this is a first date. Just pack the cutlery, plates, and drinkware ahead of time and leave the rest to us. This guide will help you and your date to build the perfect picnic for the perfect evening.

Finding the liquid courage:

A sober date is always responsible but adding bubbles or brew to the equation always seems to spice things up (just make sure in advance that the park you’re headed to allows for adult beverages). So head to Corner Stone Beer & Wine in Olde Towne East for a selection of over 300 craft beers. The narrow shop situated on the corner of Parsons and Oak allows its’ customers to build four or six packs of single craft beers set at individual prices. What’s more interesting is Cornerstone’s six rotating taps, all of which headline Ohio breweries. Refill your growler or taste a few samples before making a commitment to a new hoppy friend. Wine enthusiasts may want to report to Hausfrau Haven, a small German Village shop with an abundant yet thoughtful selection of wines appropriate for any budget.  Whether you’re a seasoned or beginner lush, don’t fret about finding the perfect wine here… instead seek out an associate who will gladly set your nerves at ease. Be sure to stop by on Fridays and Saturdays as Hausfrau hosts tastings from 4-10pm.

The Grub:

Whether your picnic will feature a strictly vegan or deep fried menu, take into consideration that the picnic will take place outdoors where the convenience of electrical outlets & wiring are irrelevant. Skip the filet mignon and opt for simpler foods like cold pastas and sandwiches from the Brown Bag Deli. The menu is fairly priced with most items set under $10 and the delicatessen usually offers a daily special written upon the chalk board painted walls. As for dessert, why not be cliché for a day and bring pie to the picnic? Skip the freezer aisle and check in at Just Pies located off North High Street in Clintonville. Pies are priced from small to large, which range from $5.95 to $17.95 depending on the size. Just Pies bakes just about every pie imaginable from French Silk to the seasonal Strawberry Cream Cheese.

Setting the stage:

SummerRomance200There are a plethora of parks hidden within the city, so the only question is which park is more suitable to your personality. Consider yourself a tree hugger? Opt for parks with less development  and more landscape such as Three Creeks where over 100 types of birds have been sited on the 1,100 acre park. Chestnut Ridge is another natural beauty just eight minutes from Canal Winchester, and it also happens to be the first ridge of the Appalachian Mountains. For those who prefer the concrete jungles of the city seek out more urban beauties like the Scioto Aubodon, a park who’s climbing wall could add a little spontaneity to the perfect picnic or the local favorite Goodale Park where it can be easy to find a secluded area with awesome views of the city’s skyline.

No matter which food, drink and park space you choose, have a great time and enjoy your summer!

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