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Plank Studio Opening Downtown in Atlas Building

Walker Evans Walker Evans Plank Studio Opening Downtown in Atlas BuildingPhoto via Northern Wide Plank.
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Canadian wood flooring company Northern Wide Plank is opening its first “Plank Studio” location in the United States this fall with an upcoming launch in the iconic Atlas Building located at 20 East Long Street, Downtown.

The company was started in Toronto nearly 30 years ago, and has grown rapidly thanks to an increased interest in reclaimed wood building materials for flooring, walls and other structures. Northern Wide Plank features both reclaimed wood and newly manufactured wood, shipped in from Europe.

“It’s an exclusive, higher end product, so we have a different approach to the market,” explained Scot Wootten, Specialty Flooring Consultant at Northern Wide Plank. “We don’t do a typical showroom that’s open to the public — it’s more of a resource for designers and architects.”

Wootten said that what drew the company to the Atlas Building was its designation on the National Register of Historic Places.

“That ties in a bit with the reclaimed side of our company,” he stated. “We’re working that into the atmosphere and feel of this particular studio.”

Plank Studio is expected to open the final week of September.

For more information, visit northernwideplank.ca/columbus/.

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