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New Plan for Patrick J’s Site Moving Forward

Brent Warren Brent Warren New Plan for Patrick J’s Site Moving ForwardRenderings via Schooley Caldwell/801creative.
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Borror Properties’ plan to redevelop the prominent North High Street parcels that once held Patrick J’s bar and a White Castle restaurant took another step forward last week.

The University Impact District Review Board (UIDRB) voted to recommend approval of several required zoning variances, although the project will still need to return to the board in the future for a final sign-off on the design.

The latest plan is similar in scope to the one proposed in January, with 56 apartments, 60 parking spaces, 1,500 square feet of retail or office space, and about 4,500 square feet of restaurant space. That’s three more apartments and about 12 fewer parking spaces than the previous proposal.

One of the variances voted on by the board was for parking (a reduction of six spaces), and another was to allow apartments on the ground floor. A third variance involved how far back the surface parking lot needs to be set back from the road.

The overall design of the project has also been tweaked since it was last presented to the UIDRB. The new concept calls for a three-story building with two distinct brick sections flanking a driveway, whereas the previous proposal showed a two-story building along High Street with a four-story section set back an additional 30 feet from the street.

The site straddles the dividing line between the University District and Clintonville, although the proposed buildings are located completely on the University District side.

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