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Pinned Motorcycle Festival Rolls Into 400 West Rich Street

Briana Henry Briana Henry Pinned Motorcycle Festival Rolls Into 400 West Rich Street
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This Saturday, those with an affinity for vibrating metal in between their legs will journey to 400 West Rich to partake in the third Pinned event. The brainchild of Kareem Jackson (who you may know from Milk Bar, or just recognize as that dude who walks down the street and dresses better than you) will bring music, tattoos and motorcycles to Franklinton as well as slogans such as “Loud Pipes Get Pussy” and “Bikes, Bands, Booze, and Babes”.

Briana Henry: Where did the idea come from for Pinned and what exactly is it?

Kareem Jackson: I have always been into vintage bikes and choppers. The scene is small here but bigger elsewhere. I wanted to help grow the scene and get like-minded riders who enjoyed the culture together. I didn’t want to have to travel to California or somewhere on the east coast to meet people who enjoyed old school choppers and cafe bikes. I wanted to find them in my backyard here in Columbus.

BH: What can new-comers expect from Pinned?

KJ: Good local rock, legit bikers — no weekend warriors, just everyday riders — and great looking bikes. A lot of people expect to see thirty thousand dollar bikes, but most bikes at the show are built in people’s garages, sheds and basements. The crowd isn’t what you typically see. It’s a younger, cooler, in-the-know demographic. Everybody wants to party and see what bikes are rolling in.

BH: What bands are playing?

KJ: Ride to Ruin, Neon Warship, Dead Set Ready, Beggars, Friendly Faux, White Wolves. Lots of metal, punk and psych rock.

BH: What activities can attendees participate in?

KJ: You can enter your bike into the “best of” contest, sign up for the raffle, and check out local shops who have booths set up. There is also a tattoo artist doing tattoos. Oh, and we’ll also have jello wrestling!

BH: If you had a mission statement for Pinned, what would it be?

KJ: We are all about the bikes, the bands, the booze and the babes. Come vibe out with us.

Admission for the event that is potentially where I’ll meet my next ex-boyfriend is $5, but free if you bring your hog. Check out the NSFW website at pinnedohio.com and prepare to go balls deep on the 18th.

Photo by Logan Miller of www.LCMphoto.org.

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