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21 Photos of Twenty One Pilots’ Tour de Columbus

Matt Ellis Matt Ellis 21 Photos of Twenty One Pilots’ Tour de ColumbusPhotos by Matt Ellis.
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Columbus born Grammy winners and head-wear enthusiasts, Twenty-One Pilots took over the Columbus live music calendar for a whopping five nights of sold-out shows as a thank you to those local fans that have helped propel the electro-pop-rock duo to the dizzying heights they find themselves in today.

The string of sold-out-in-seconds shows began at The Basement, before heading up to the Newport and back down High St to the slightly more roomy, Express Live! and concluding with back-to-back arena shows at Nationwide and The Schottenstein.

We were able to capture the band at three of the five venues (Newport, Express Live! and Schottenstein) and if you were not fortunate enough to snag a ticket, or you just want to relive the now almost-legendary live performances, here you go:

Photos by Matt Ellis.

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