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Photos: The Hush Sound at A&R Music Bar

 Tim Kubick
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A&R Music Bar was taken over by a fantastic set of performers Wednesday night, headlined by The Hush Sound.

Lucas Carpenter kicked off the evening with a spirited solo performance. Carpenter would join The Hush Sound later in the night on auxiliary instruments and backup vocals.

Genevieve Schatz, who some may know as the lead singer for Company of Thieves, followed with a brief set. Her incredibly powerful vocals were accompanied by guitar and keyboard from Chris Faller, bassist for The Hush Sound.

Up next, the six piece River City Extension packed the stage with energy and instruments, delivering a unique folk rock sound. Genevieve Schatz returned to share the stage with the band and lend her voice to “If You Need Me Back In Brooklyn I Will Come.”

Hockey (the band, not the sport) brought their A game to A&R, and captivated the crowd with an interesting mix of retro electronic and indie rock sounds.

Finally, The Hush Sound took the stage, as well as the hearts of everyone in the room. The passion that these guys put into performing is absolutely infectious, and the Columbus audience ate it up. Throw some of the corniest jokes you’ve ever heard in between songs, and that’s a recipe for a memorable evening of music and fun.

In case you missed this awesome concert, here are some photos of all five performances from the evening.

Photos by Tim Kubick of www.timkubickphotography.com.

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