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Photos: Holy Chicken Debuts in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans Photos: Holy Chicken Debuts in ColumbusDocumentary filmmaker and restaurateur Morgan Spurlock engages with Holy Chicken customers — Photo by Walker Evans.
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"If we can put out a fast food restaurant that tells you how bad fast food restaurants are, then I think that's pretty great." — Morgan Spurlock of Holy Chicken.

Update 11/20/16: Holy Chicken May Not be a Real Restaurant, But Delivers an Important Message

Morgan Spurlock’s Holy Chicken fast food restaurant officially opened its doors for the first time this morning, and hundreds of curious eaters decided to brave the cold weather for a chance to try it out on day one. During the four-day pop-up run on Schrock Road, Spurlock himself is on site to make sure everything runs smoothly and that customers are getting a little extra attention when they come to try it out.

“It’s been bananas… it’s been like this since we opened,” Spurlock told Columbus Underground in reference to the winding line of customers that snaked out the door and down the sidewalk. “There’s a certain number of sandwiches that we’re going to sell every day, and we could be actually be closed early today.”

Spurlock is no stranger to Columbus, having filmed the pilot episode of his TV documentary series “30 Days” here in 2005 where he focused on the conditions that Americans live in when working minimum wage jobs. That was one thing that led him to return to Columbus for the new restaurant concept, along with other factors.

“I’ve always had a great time being here… it’s a very positive town,” he stated. “It’s also an ethnically and economically diverse town, so it functions like a large city and a rural town simultaneously. Seeing how people respond to the restaurant is fantastic.”

After the four-day pop-up run is complete, Holy Chicken is scheduled to return sometime in January or February after additional financing is secured and the concept is fully built out. Spurlock was also being filmed today by his documentary crew, which could be turned into a new project.

“I think this will most likely end up somewhere,” he explained. “We actually shoot everything that I do. That’s just what my life’s become.”

For more information on Holy Chicken, CLICK HERE to read our full interview with Spurlock.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/HolyChickenUSA.

All photos by Walker Evans.








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