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Photos from the Dublin Obama Rally

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Like an idiot I didn’t bring my camera, but the nice folks sitting next to me sent me some of theirs. So here they are, and then my impressions of the whole event:

I got there around 4 PM, and got into the line in the back of the stadium (there were three entrances). I got a pink ticket which put me in the bleachers. My sis in law was also there as I found out later, and she got a yellow ticket which got her right in front (she had gotten there around noon)… so here we are waiting to get to our seats. I was in the middle/left (in the shade, huzza) and got a great view.

there were several warm up speakers, Like Sherrod Brown (above), Mary Jo Kilroy, and John Glen (which I don’t have photos of).

and then…

The speeches were great, Obama’s was similar to the DMC acceptance speech. The thing that struck me was how unified we all felt as a crowd, strangers were joking with each other, everyone was in a great mood, and all the politicians felt very accessible. However, because of the heat, a lot of people were passing out. A few people in line, one durring Sherrod Brown’s speech, and one during Obama’s speech (he gave his water to the woman who passed out). My sis in law who was up front said the heat and the crowd gave her a headache and she felt like she was going to vomit, so she had to scoot early… and missed when Obama finished his speech and went into the crowd to shake hands and sign autographs.

All in all it was extremely groovy, and very well organized. Great Job Dems!

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