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Photos: Dropkick Murphys and Rancid at Express Live!

Matt Ellis Matt Ellis Photos: Dropkick Murphys and Rancid at Express Live!All photos by Matt Ellis
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The ‘Boston to Berkeley II’ tour rolled into town on Monday night as veteran rockers Rancid and Dropkick Murphys served up a hearty batch of crank-it-to-11 air-punching punk anthems on a rather toasty evening outdoors at Express Live!

Los Angeles shouty band The Bronx opened the show to the small but lively crowd that arrived early before the Dropkick Murphys double vocal assault of Ken Casey and Al Barr kicked up the party vibe with their Celtic punk rock.

Rancid closed out the evening with a set that relied heavily on the band’s earlier tracks, and much like Green Day last week, no one is going to complain when they hear the songs they came to sing along to.

Matt Ellis is a freelance photographer who covers bands that visit the city and the Columbus Crew MLS team. More about Matt can be found on his Instagram.

All photos by Matt Ellis

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