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Photos: Des Rocs & The Velveteers at The Basement

Matt Ellis Matt Ellis Photos: Des Rocs & The Velveteers at The Basement
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Is there really anything better than the sounds of pounding drums and dirty guitars while crammed in a tiny and sweaty pit of like-minded fans? Not for me, and on Thursday night at The Basement two massive high-energy acts came to town to bring rock ‘n roll back to the people.

The Velveteers were a band I was unfamiliar with until about two days ago, but holy hell, stop what you’re doing and check this band out right now. There’s a healthy dose of Jack White and Sabbath in the sound (that’s a good thing) and the unique conjoined drums set up along with the oozing star quality of singer/guitarist Demi Demitro made for a exhilarating 45-ish minute set of primal striped down rock.

Des Rocs, the evening’s headliner, hit the stage with a smile that never left his face as the NYC rocker bounced around the stage like a man on a mission as he and his band belted out ready-for-radio slabs of meaty guitar alt-rock that, like The Velveteers, pull from the past but add enough to make it relevant.

Both acts have just dropped (or are about to drop) their debut albums. Hit up your streaming platform or record store of choice and raise a glass. Rock’s still not dead.

Matt Ellis is a freelance photographer who covers bands that visit the city and the Columbus Crew MLS team. More about Matt can be found on his Instagram.

All photos by Matt Ellis

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