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Phillip’s Coney Island to be Reborn in The Short North

Walker Evans Walker Evans Phillip’s Coney Island to be Reborn in The Short North
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Phillip’s Coney Island has been a Short North staple for over sixty years, and a new chapter for the restaurant will begin later this summer when new owners Randy and Tina Corbin reopen the space with business partner Karmen Dann.

“We started looking at the restaurant almost 10 months ago when we heard that it was for sale,” says Tina Corbin. “We’ve been in that neighborhood for awhile with The Rossi, and previously with Press Grill. The Short North is still booming, and we have an affection for older places with a bit of history, so it seemed like a natural fit to look into.”

Initially, the Corbins walked away from Phillip’s uninterested as the previous owners had a stipulation that new owners could not sell alcohol in the building. Several months later, the old owners changed their mind and said that they would allow for a beer and wine license, which will be one of several updates expected this year.

“We’re cleaning up the place cosmetically and adding a new soundproof ceiling,” says Tina. “We want to continue doing coney dogs, but will add a few other new unique items to the menu, as well as some rotating specials.”

Phillip’s Coney Island is expected to be closed for renovations through August 2012.

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