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Philanthropy Friday: Ohio Historical Society explores the 1950s

 Lynsey Harris, The Columbus Foundation Philanthropy Friday: Ohio Historical Society explores the 1950s
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Over the last century, the Ohio Historical Society (OHS) has collected more than three million artifacts in order to preserve and interpret the history of Ohio. So, it may surprise you that they are now hoping to receive more loans and donations of items from the 1950s for an upcoming exhibit on the exciting decade.

The exhibit will include an entire Lustron home, manufactured in Columbus in the 1950s, that visitors can walk through and peruse household items from the era inside. This interactive exhibit goes a long way in achieving its goal of “encouraging visitors to interact with artifacts, documents, photographs, and other records of the past in more participatory and meaningful ways.”

One of the largest state historical organizations in the country, OHS has a membership of approximately 8,000. It is a private, nonprofit organization and serves as the state’s agent in historical matters in return for financial subsidy support that constitutes two-thirds of its operating budget.

Do you have cool furniture, clothes, or other items from the 1950s? Please tweet a photo of your item and include the hashtag #OHS1950. Also, consider donating it to the Ohio Historical Society for the exhibit. Thank you!

Watch the brief video below to learn more about the upcoming exhibit, the fascinating history of Lustron homes in Columbus, and more about the Ohio Historical Society.

For more information on the Ohio Historical Society, visit PowerPhilanthropy®, The Columbus Foundation’s giving tool with information on nearly 600 central Ohio nonprofits, which can help you help others through the most effective philanthropy possible. Or, visit their website.

Philanthropy Friday is a feature series produced by The Columbus Foundation that highlights Columbus area nonprofit organizations. For more nonprofit information, follow us on Twitter at @colsfoundation and like The Columbus Foundation on Facebook.


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