First Look: Paulie Gee’s Pizzeria Opens in Short North

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner First Look: Paulie Gee’s Pizzeria Opens in Short NorthPhotos by Walker Evans.
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Paulie Gee’s Short North pizzeria has officially opened their doors today at 1195 North High Street.

Construction of the Brooklyn-based restaurant began last August, culminating in a soft opening several days ago. The menu is more condensed than the Brooklyn Paulie Gee’s, but still offers a wide selection of pizzas.

“I’ll really be focusing on the pies that I enjoy most from his menu, and also making several additions things that I’ve created, more or less,” said owner Terry Gibbs. “It’ll be different, but it won’t be recreating the wheel by any means. It’ll have my touch, my flair.”

The dining room is lively, open and inviting. The moment you walk in the door, you make eye contact with the massive wood-burning Stefano Ferrara oven, imported from Naples. The white-tiled oven is the centerpiece, and what the restaurant was built around. The restaurant seats 70 people at a number of finished wood two-tops, along with one elevated booth and bar seating.

The bar offers ten beer taps, along with a selection of bottles and cans. This Paulie Gee’s will be the first franchise to serve liquor, with Gibbs pioneering the cocktail menu.

The restaurant added 25 jobs to the Short North, where they ultimately hope to become a go-to staple for pizza-loving locals.

“It’s such a great demographic around here, and there’s so many types of personalities – you can see it looking at the retail and restaurant/bar offerings,” said Gibbs. “I’m hoping I’m coming in at a time where I can reach a lot of different types of people.

For more information, visit www.pauliegee.com.

Photos by Walker Evans.







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