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The Unique Dish: Pacu Fish Ribs stand out on the menu at Sage

Walker Evans Walker Evans The Unique Dish: Pacu Fish Ribs stand out on the menu at Sage
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We recently began a quest to find some of the more unique menu items throughout the Columbus restaurant scene and started off strong with sausage-gravy pizza, pu pu platters and panini sliders. But our latest installment is likely to top them all.

Sage American Bistro introduced a fish rib dish to their appetizer menu several months ago which has become quite popular with regulars.

“It has actually become one of our signature dishes,” says Nicki Lawson, Operations Manager at Sage. “But we keep it interesting with different sauces and garnishes.”

The current version is served with a pisco-citrus aioli, chimichurri sauce and a side of jicima slaw for $10.

“We marinade the fish ribs overnight in a soy sauce and house-made barbeque spice mixture,” explains Sage Chef de Cuisine Ryan Beck. “Then we throw them on the grill and let the skin get nice and crispy. It eats like a barbecue pork rib, with a nice crunch from the jicima.”

The Pacu fish is a larger cousin to the Piranha, native to the Amazon basin, which can reach up to 55 pounds. Chef Beck says that they can be difficult to come by due to the fact that Sage is the only restaurant in Columbus that he is aware of ordering and serving them.

“We left it on the menu partly because of its popularity and partly because it’s delicious,” he says. “We have people ask about it all the time, and people keep raving about it.”

More information can be found online at www.sageamericanbistro.com.

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