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OYO Adds Barrel Finished Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka to Product Lineup

Walker Evans Walker Evans OYO Adds Barrel Finished Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka to Product LineupPhoto provided by Middle West Spirits.
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Middle West Spirits (makers of OYO) has added another vodka to their product lineup, and one that shouldn’t be too unfamiliar for fans of their existing flavors. Barrel-Finished Honey Vanilla Bean is a variation on their existing Honey Vanilla Bean vodka that takes a unique twist rarely seen with distillers.

“Most people who know us well, know our great love and respect for the barrel… and the joy they bring us when making our whiskeys, bourbon, and culinary vinegars,” explains Middle West Co-Owner Brady Konya. “With the full-flavor profile that our OYO Vodka brings to the vodka segment, we got to thinking… why not barrel age our vodka, too? Only one producer in the US has ever commercially produced a barrel aged neutral spirit for resale, but, we don’t produce neutral anything, and this particular craft vodka has been infused with wild flower honey and fresh vanilla pods.”

The process takes their OYO Honey Vanilla Bean vodka and rests it in OYO bourbon barrels for a year, which adds smokey notes of sweet cream, fig, dried fruit and pepper spice to the existing flavor profile.

“Its pretty unreal,” adds Konya. “Better yet, its the first known barrel aged vodka infusion ever commercially produced by a distillery in the US. Exciting stuff, for sure.”

Middle West will be  hosting a launch party for the new spirit on Tuesday, April 8th at their Short North distillery, located at 1230 Courtland Avenue. OYO Barrel Finished Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka will be sold in their on-site bottle shop and at select retailers for $36.95. Quantities are limited, and it’s expected to sell out quickly.

For more information, visit www.middlewestspirits.com.

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