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Over 70 Activists, Organizers Rally to Bring New Leadership to City Hall

Madeline Stocker Madeline Stocker Over 70 Activists, Organizers Rally to Bring New Leadership to City Hall
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On Earth Day, 10 days before Columbus’ primary election, over 70 grassroots volunteers from across Columbus gathered at Yes We Can Columbus’ new campaign office to meet the organization’s endorsed candidates and participate in a citywide canvass.

The activists, many of whom had never volunteered for a political campaign before, engaged in a Yes We Can-led training on how to talk to voters about why voting in local, down-ballot elections is necessary to bring change to Columbus.

“It was way out of my comfort zone, but I learned that talking to people about their values and the ways they want to change this city just resonates in a huge way,” said Yes We Can volunteer Carolyn Carter. “People want to see their voices lifted up by elected officials, and that’s what these candidates are committed to doing.”

Volunteers spent the day talking to hundreds of voters across Columbus about issues including a livable wage, affordable housing and public transportation, safe neighborhoods and strong public schools.

“If we want to be the change we want to see in Columbus, we have to give it all we’ve got,” said Jasmine Ayres, City Council candidate. “We cannot be an ‘Opportunity City’ until we are an Opportunity City for all. When City Hall commits to putting the needs of our neighborhoods before corporations, our neighborhoods and communities will be so much stronger.”

Over 50 volunteers signed up to take the day off from work May 2 and hand out slate cards of Yes We Can endorsed candidates at polling locations across Columbus.

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