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Our Top 20 Most Important Pieces of Journalism of 2018

Walker Evans Walker Evans Our Top 20 Most Important Pieces of Journalism of 2018
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What’s popular isn’t always important and what’s important isn’t always popular. Our job as journalists is to inform, educate and entertain, and we’re proud of the award winning work that we’ve published to help improve the communities in Central Ohio that we serve. We’re equally proud of the fact that Columbus Underground remains universally available to the entire community free of charge, as no subscription service or paywall prevents anyone from reading the news and expanding their knowledge. To that point, we are grateful to our supporters, sponsors and advertisers that help us to continue our mission.

If you missed any of the following news articles in 2018 during their time of publishing, we highly encourage a new read (or a re-read) of these important topics when you can make time for them. The daily barrage of social media noise, twitter tirades and 24/7 national news networks can certainly be distracting, so we invite you to take the time to read (and share) these longer format journalism pieces and leave us some feedback if you’d like to see more information on any particular topic in 2019.

In no particular order, here are 20 of the most important journalism pieces Columbus Underground published in 2018:

1. The Tragic Story of Columbus Resident Edith Espinal

2. The Effects of the Infant Mortality Crisis in Columbus

3. The Growing Problems at Columbus City Schools

4. Problematic Practices With City Council Appointment Process

5. Charter Schools Leave Many Columbus Students Behind

6. Starting A New Chapter at Stonewall Columbus

7. Providing Historical Context on Stadium Plans in Columbus

8. A Safe Place for Health Services for Transgender Residents

9. A Three Part Feature on Ohio’s Tie to JFK

10. Addressing Gentrification in Transforming Neighborhoods


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