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OSU Pausing Work on Some Construction Projects

Brent Warren Brent Warren OSU Pausing Work on Some Construction ProjectsWork continues on this building at 16th and High. Photo by Brent Warren.
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The uncertain impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Ohio State’s financial outlook is starting to affect the institution’s large pipeline of construction projects.

Although most of the campus buildings that are currently under construction will be finished, the pause button is being hit on future phases of some larger projects, and many buildings that were scheduled to break ground soon are now in a holding pattern.

At 15th and High, work will continue on the WOSU Headquarters building and on the mixed-use building south of Target (at the corner of High Street and 16th Avenue), but the start of construction will be delayed on a second mixed-use building planned for the southeast corner of High and 15th Avenue.

Across High Street, work on the School of Music building – part of OSU’s new Arts District – will continue, but construction of the Department of Theatre will be delayed.

Excavation work started last fall for the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center, but the project is being paused before construction begins.

Work will continue, meanwhile, on two significant buildings on OSU’s West Campus – the Wexner Medical Center Outpatient Care and the Interdisciplinary Research Facility – and on two projects on Neil Avenue that are both far along in their construction timeline.

A statement posted on OSU’s Building the Future site gives an update on the thinking behind the latest changes:

All projects in our pipeline remain important to support our teaching, research and patient care missions. We also recognize the need to be prudent and cautious during these uncertain times…By taking a measured approach now, the university is best positioned to both respond to the needs of our campus community and to assess an evolving construction market where supplies and labor continue to be in flux.

Other projects that will be delayed or paused, as posted online by OSU on April 17:

  • The Controlled Environment Food Production Research Complex will continue its design work, scheduled to complete its current phase in May 2020, before pausing while the university evaluates a future timeline and scope.
  • The Instructional Science Building RDM will have its scope modified with work continuing to complete the 4th floor HVAC work at Bolz Hall, but additional steps need further evaluation.
  • The Lacrosse Stadium will complete design before pausing to evaluate a future timeline and scope as well as fundraising.
  • The Library Book Depository has not yet started and will delay.
  • Work will continue on the Coffey Road Park recreation fields reconfiguration, while Lincoln Fields renovations will be paused.
  • Newton Hall will be temporarily paused. The project to expand service for the College of Nursing, is currently in design.
  • Taylor Tower renovations will pause while the university evaluates a future timeline and scope.
  • Waterman Multi-Species Animal Learning Center has not yet started and will delay.

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