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Opinion: Trump Needs to Let Journalists do Their Jobs

Reggie Anglen Reggie Anglen Opinion: Trump Needs to Let Journalists do Their Jobs
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As journalists, we are concerned about the issues that face our nation.

As journalists, it is our duty to report on issues in a manner that is fair, balanced and impartial.

Mr. President, it is inconsistent with the principles of journalism organizations to act as activists for or against matters of a political nature. I understand the desire of some of my media brethren to speak out forcefully however, we are bound by our adherence to the ethics of journalism to abstain from endorsing political issues.

White Houses in the past, and the Trump White House in particular, should continue on the tradition of not banning news outlets that they deem a threat to the information grid – carry on the belief that the proper forum for journalists to express all views should be through the opinion/editorial sections of our respected news outlets, or the commentary segments through radio, television or social media. We believe you can best serve the news of the nation by providing information from all sides of the issue and trust in the ability of informed citizens to draw their own conclusions and make their own decisions.

As a citizen who is totally blind and a trained journalist, I urge the Trump White House to continue that rich tradition by using its vast resources in a fair, balanced and impartial manner that will enable all viewpoints – pro and con – to enter in to a dialogue that would best meet the needs of all Americans.

In America’s journalism schools we were trained to function at our best when we inform our communities and empower our citizens to make enlightened decisions, instead of acting as its advocates.

As the “New Sheriff” in town, you should allow every journalist to report the facts as neutral observers and allow the public to decide.

If the job is done correctly, our citizens can make an informed choice.

So, as the leader of the most powerful nation in the world – its time for you to be the Statesman you want us to believe you are – Shut down your “Trump Playhouse” and quit being a bully. It is time to be Commander-In-Chief.

– Reggie Anglen, President Emeritus of the Columbus Association of Black Journalists.


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