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Opinion: Millennials Concerned with Future of Social Security

Omar Faruk Omar Faruk Opinion: Millennials Concerned with Future of Social Security
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Compiled by Omar Faruk and Chasity Boedicker.

This year, Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation and make up the largest number in the workforce. As a voting block, Millennials outnumber the Baby Boomers and we care about wide range of issues, not just affordable college. One of those issues is the importance of updating Social Security policy. During this election cycle we have heard little more than sound bites from both Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump on the topic. We Millennials must come together to demand a plan. We have questions, elected officials and federal candidates need to start answering.

Here are the views of several Millennials on the issue:

Tyler Domer
25 years old
Graduate of Capital University Conservatory of Music

Social Security is considered the third rail of politics, an issue so “untouchable” that any politician who dares to talk about it will pay with their seat or approval numbers. No one wants to touch it; but now, more than ever we need them to step up to the plate to do their jobs.

It’s time for policymakers, elected officials, and candidates to listen to us, tell us where they stand, and layout the plan to update social security. We elect our representatives in government to make the tough decisions, doing nothing and ignoring the issue is not an option.

Clayton Eberly
21 years old – Senior at The Ohio State University
AARP Ohio Communications Intern

As a senior at Ohio State, I find myself thinking more and more about my financial future. I’m applying for jobs and hoping to be in the workforce by this time next year. I know that once that happens, I‘ll be paying into the Social Security system. As soon as I start paying into it, I’m expecting to get that money when I need it during my retirement, just like anyone else would. The Take A Stand campaign is fighting not only for the people who have been paying into the system, but also for those who are just beginning to. It has to be reformed somehow, and the first step is by getting our political leaders to acknowledge the problem and provide a definitive plan to fix it.

Chris Orr
30 years old – Restaurant Manager

As a salaried manager I watch weekly deductions for Social Security come from my paycheck and it hurts a little bit. I have been paying into the fund since age sixteen yet I know that if Social Security continues on its current path, I can expect a minimal return on my investment. To all of my fellow Millennials, I encourage to dive into the topic of Social Security and demand answers from our Federal candidates. We must show candidates that Social Security is not just an issue for seniors and that we have more interests than affordable education. After all, changes in policy will not apply to current beneficiaries, it’s our money and our future that politicians hold in their hands.

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