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On the Verge: Tiny Victories

Briana Henry Briana Henry On the Verge: Tiny VictoriesAlbum cover art by Stephen Alessi.
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Album cover art by Stephen Alessi.

Tiny Victories (Greg Walters and Cason Kelly) will open the Bonnaroo 365 show at A&R bar the day before all Hallow’s Eve. I spoke with guitarist Greg Walters, one half of the electro-pop, experimental duo, about how a former journalist and a former social worker came to become Tiny Victories, as well as Greg’s ties to Ohio and my female spirit animal, Karen O.

BH: How did you and Cason meet since you both came from different backgrounds?
GW: I grew up in DC, and then went to Oberlin, moved to Moscow. I was a journalist actually. I’ve done a lot of interviews from the other side, was doing fun stuff in Russia (covering the war between Russia and Georgia). I’ve always wanted to be a musician and cut back on my professional life and into the music thing more. I moved to New York where Cason was in a similar situation. I actually met Cason through my brother.

BH: I actually almost went to Oberlin, but only because Karen O went there.
GW: Oh yeah, Karen O was in my year and the current bass player in MGMT.

BH: I read somewhere that your song, “Get Lost” was made using trash from a dumpster? Is this true?
GW: It’s really something that started because we both like weird sounds. We pre-create a sample (we don’t use synthesizers), and then control the sound as it comes out.

BH: What are you listening to on the road?
GW: What we try to do is use Spotify and load it up with bands that we’ve meant to listen to. Are there any bands in Columbus we should listen to?
I rattled off a list of three bands I knew were on Spotify (Struck by Lightning, Strangers in Daylight, and Cadaver Dogs).

BH: Who would you say is a musical influence?
GW: The reason we’re making music is realizing someday we’re gonna die, so we just quit our jobs and did. The music that always matters to me is the music you can listen to at home where there are songs that kinda get inside your own life. So, to answer your question, The Grateful Dead. Do you like the Grateful Dead?

BH: No, not really.
GW: Well, the Grateful Dead are pioneers of exploring going in their own universe. We don’t sound anything like them, but we have the same musical statement.

White Denim and Maps & Atlases are also on the bill for this pre-Halloween celebration and advance tickets are $10. Tickets at the door are $12. Doors open at 7pm.


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