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On the Verge: The Color Bars

Briana Henry Briana Henry On the Verge: The Color Bars
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Prosopopoeia, the latest release from Brooklyn band, The Color Bars, is a pop album that pays homage to artists such as Beck, Belle and Sebastian, and has a swirl of Broken Bells. This band is big in Japan. No, really. They were signed by 5D Japan of EMI.

This band successfully combines tight harmonies, dancy-synths and indie pop that makes a sound that is original and delightfully unpredictable. All songs were written by band member Gerald Slevin. My favorite song on the album, “Triple SSS” has a funky 70’s sound and is as if it was written by Stevie Wonder and performed by the Bee Gees. Another favorite is “Structupoppie Rally ” and could be your typical indie pop song, but the addition of the synth and falsetto of the singer makes it more interesting and has the unpredictability I earlier stated.

Skully’s is the second to last stop on their mini-tour which included Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. The last stop returns the band home to New York, where they are playing a show at Mojos.

The album is available at thecolorbars.bandcamp.com. More information about the band can be found at www.thecolorbars.com and on their Facebook page.

The Color Bars are playing an 18 and up show at Skully’s (1151 North High Street) tonight (Monday, April 9) for $5. Also in performing, In Silent Movies, and Room and Board.


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