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Older Food Trucks Update With New Outlooks for 2013

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Older Food Trucks Update With New Outlooks for 2013
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Paddy Wagon

Since 2010, the Paddy Wagon has been serving up culinary justice to the good people of Columbus – and we’ve loved them for it. Owner Zach James’ original design of the truck didn’t really reflect the sense of humor the menu would hold though, so last summer, with the contribution of several local artists, the Paddy Wagon got a new look that featured a demented-looking Wendy on the back, cartoons along the bottom of the truck that portrayed different levels of sick indulgence, and the now infamous “Naked Tattooed Sheriff”, who, for a while, became synonymous with the whimsy of the truck and its owner.

Now, the Paddy Wagon has undergone a transformation yet again. The entire truck has been rewrapped and remodeled in vivid hues that can be seen in the distance. One of Columbus’ first mobile restaurants, the Paddy Wagon is stepping it up in an effort to remain on radar in the ever-expanding food truck scene.

“The new look is nothing short of breathtaking,” James excitedly illustrates. “My personal favorite, and the main feature of the skin, is the skyline of Columbus along the bottom of the truck. It’s long overdue, and I am very excited to be out and about this season”.

In addition to the new look, Paddy Wagon also has new menu items. The Portabella Pineapple Sandwich is a vegetarian offering of a whole seasoned portabella cap topped with grilled pineapple, cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, and Paddy Wagon’s signature BBQ and 5-OH sauces. Already a big seller, the 15-to-life BBQ Angus Brisket Sandwich is anchored by a 15-hour, slow-roasted Angus beef brisket which is pulled to order, topped with red slaw enforcement, and served on a butter-toasted hoagie.

You can catch the new-and-improved Paddy Wagon at Dinin’ Hall and other locations around downtown Columbus. They will be holding a hard re-launch this April at the Columbus Commons’ Earth Day celebration and the first Food Truck Hop of the year at Hal & Al’s, 1297 Parsons Avenue, on the 27th and 28th respectively. If you’re ready to serve time at the Paddy Wagon, find them at www.facebook.com/paddywagonfood.

Change is the stuff of life; it’s the reward for introspection, observation, and diligence. As the palates of Columbus’ hungriest continue to mature, so will the mobile restaurants we now cannot live without. These owners and chefs are ardent about their food, their city, and the people they serve. As they continue to show us the love, let’s do the same for them. Get out and eat!


Photo courtesy of Paddy Wagon.

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