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Older Food Trucks Update With New Outlooks for 2013

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Older Food Trucks Update With New Outlooks for 2013
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Swoop! Food Group & Crepes A La Carte

Chef Matt Heaggans of Swoop! Food Truck, and Rosa Huff of Crèpes a la Carte, find themselves having more and more in common every day. They both own and operate two of the most successful food trucks in the market, they rely on each other for professional advice, and they are both determined business people with serious minds for entrepreneurship. So it was only a matter of time before the two united their collective energies to create an even stronger presence in the mobile food scene.

“This merger is a result of two small businesses realizing that we are able to operate a strong business model by playing to our strengths,” Heaggans expounds. “ have spent quite a bit of time working with Crèpes a la Carte to improve the quality of the base product and… Rosa Huff, a seasoned… and serious foodie has been a sharp and sensible adviser for Swoop!”

For the most part, customers should notice little difference with the merger. Other than some minor rebranding and a slight change in culinary direction, high standards of operation should remain. Promised though is even more creative offerings and better consistency. Swoop! is currently out of commission, but Crèpes a la Carte can habitually be found at Dinin’ Hall and the new Hills Market Downtown.

Both Chef Heaggans and Huff are passionate about Columbus and the exciting future of the food scene, of which they are an integral part. To find a schedule of locations, and to follow the progress of the new Swoop! Food Group, visit www.swoopfood.com or www.facebook.com/Crepes-A-La-Carte.


Photo courtesy of Crepes A La Carte.

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