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Older Food Trucks Update With New Outlooks for 2013

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Older Food Trucks Update With New Outlooks for 2013
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That “Other” Food Truck

That Food Truck, recently featured on Nightline, has been serving Columbus savory, finger-licking sandwiches since last summer. Known especially for their Crispy Pork Belly, That Food Truck is one of the most sought-after trucks in the city, with regular gigs at both Dinin’ Hall and Seventh Son Brewery.

Another popular food truck was the Perzoot Food Truck, which, after running into mechanical difficulties last year, closed, much to the chagrin of loyal customers. Owner Matt Swint is still easily one of the most talented bakers in the city, so That Food Truck owners Scott Concilla and Dan Kraus recently created a partnership with him, and That “Other” Food Truck was born.

“Dan and I feel Matt bakes some of the best bread in the city,” Concilla explains. “We hated to see him sidelined for something out of his control, so we figured now or never…we would much rather have him baking with us than for someone else”.

That “Other” Food Truck will focus on serving a locally-sourced, sustainable, diner-style menu to include such items as fresh ground burgers, scratch-made sausages, and nostalgic ice-creams. Average prices will run from $3-$10 per meal. The new truck will also have outside stools so patrons can chat with the staff and chef as they eat.

There are also plans to use the truck to support a new smoker the guys are building.  Both will be regulars at Seventh Son, where they’re getting ready to produce awesome brunches and smoked meats to feature Chef Matt’s “KILLER focaccia and other breads”.

The name is still under works for this trucks, and discussions are being held about holding a Name-the-Truck customer contest, where the winner will receive an awesome food prize. To get in on the action, and to keep track of what comes next, follow them at www.facebook.com/ThatFoodTruck.


Photo courtesy of That Food Truck.

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