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Old Familiar Barber Shop Creates Bottle-Opening Comb

Walker Evans Walker Evans Old Familiar Barber Shop Creates Bottle-Opening Comb
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The biggest downside to a regular comb is that you can’t open bottles with it. And the biggest downside to a regular bottle opener is that you can’t comb your hair with it.

It’s time to ditch both of these single-purpose items in your life and start multitasking with the new Old Familiar Comb Bottle Opener created by the fine folks at the Old Familiar Barber Shop on Parsons Avenue.

This stainless steel device is simple and sleek and made locally here in Columbus. This project is being funded via Kickstarter, where you can purchase your own comb in advance for $24. Or, you can pledge more money to receive a limited edition t-shirt or a titanium version of the comb. Backers of the Kickstarter project will also be invited to attend the upcoming launch party for the new product.

More information can be found online at www.kickstarter.com or www.oldfamiliarcombcompany.com.

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