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Ohio’s Own: Woody’s Original Clamlube Hot Sauce

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Woody’s Original Clamlube Hot Sauce
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For whatever reason, Woody’s Original Clamlube is not something you’d typically guess was an Ohio’s Own product. It looks more like something from California, which makes sense, because the lube also boasts California roots. Evidently, it’s local to both California and Ohio, with a label that proclaims its origins as Columbus, Ohio and San Francisco, California.

It’s hot sauce, by the way.

The self-described flavor zealots behind Woody’s Clamlube actually have a line of sauces a mile long, combining peppers and onions and fruits to create three dimensional condiments that have garnered awards including the Screaming Mimi award in NYC, and recently six more prizes at the 2017 zest fest.

For novices, the Xtra Virgin seemed like an obvious place to start. It’s the winner of the 2016 Fiery Food Challenge, and has more heft than your average hot sauce … and a more interesting ingredient list too: in addition to a variety of peppers (bell, habanero, chipotle and jalepeno), it boasts peaches, grapefruit and avocado oil in the mix.

What really matters is the taste. While clams were not on the tasting docket, the sauce pairs nicely with just about everything else tried (as promised). That list of experimental pairings includes eggs, fried chicken, and cheese pizza. The Xtra Virgin version delivers a pulpy mix with nice, sweet zing courtesy its fruity elements. It’s not your average hot sauce by any means.

Hotter heads will probably appreciate Rakel’s Revenge, which includes scorpion peppers, or Sea Ghost, with ghost peppers. The Xtra Virgin bottle is comparatively mild, but never boring.

With a little mermaid in the middle, the brand has cute labeling too. These days, packaging with pizazz is par for the hot sauce course, but no less appreciated here. According to its website, you can score a bottle at local retailers such as Lucky’s, Weiland’s and The Hills.

For more information, visit clamlube.com.


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