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Ohio’s Own: Wendy’s Black Bean Veggie Burger

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Wendy’s Black Bean Veggie Burger
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Wendy’s has been test-marketing its new, vegetarian-friendly bean burger here in Columbus, and the offering is shockingly… beautiful. For real. In a personal history that includes copious quantities of fast food, there has not been a time when a burger came out of the box looking more like the print advertisements.

Yet, there it is, in all its glory. A perky sesame seed bun, hugging a veggie burger draped in marbled cheese and dewy mixed greens with tomatoes and massive quantities of ranch dressing.

More miraculously, the thing came out gorgeous, in spite of the fact that the test-market Wendy’s was swamped with customers. The crew in the kitchen was running to keep up with the orders, and, in spite of their hustle, it still took them twenty minutes to fill the order. The demand for the bean burgers and the line were that ridiculous.

Waiting for “fast” food isn’t really a favorite activity, so maybe it’s best to read about the burger for now until the fervor dies down. It’s good, with occasional soft chunks of whole black beans, diced carrot and corn. The veggie burger’s not going to fool or convert beef fans. Although brownish, the patty isn’t trying to do a meat impersonation: it’s starchy and beany.

The ranch was a little heavy. A lot heavy, it makes the sandwich slippery enough that the burger escapes out the back on the first bite. Consider doing the ranch on the side.

Anyway, what’s not to like? It’s a bean burger. It’s pleasant and savory; and overall not as heavy as a beef burger, even with the ranch. Outside the mixed greens matted with dressing, I’m not sure it’s all that healthy, but it’s certainly cruelty-free, and that counts for something in the food world.

If you’ve got $4.50 and some time to spare, you can test it yourself at the Bethel Road Wendy’s location.

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Update (5/5): Representatives at Change.org have notified us that Steve-O (yes, the guy from Jackass) has recently started a petition to roll out the Wendy’s veggie burger on a national level. You can check out the petition at Change.org.

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