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Ohio’s Own: Weed Knob Acres

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Weed Knob AcresPhotos by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Weed Knob has a great name. Neither word in the combo is a particularly lovely term, and weeds themselves are downright dastardly things, but together: there is something oddly satisfying about saying the name of a Westerville baking operation called Weed Knob Acres.

Even more satisfying than its name, however are Weed Knob Acres’ wares. Case in point: Prosciutto Pretzel Bread filled with (yes) prosciutto, cheddar, and pesto.

Our acquisition of a loaf was somehow timed so that there was still steam inside the window of its bread wrapper. That means something important: warm pretzel bread. As good as pretzel bread is, in itself, oven-fresh, warm pretzel bread is 1,000 times better. It’s extra soft, and incredibly pliable. That’s value added. And while Weed Knob Acres’ version might also be super-soft at room temperature, there’s no way to verify that, as the entire loaf was consumed immediately (this task required more than one person).

Let’s talk about the filling in the bread for a moment. It’s generous. It’s not just a token, wafer-thin slice of prosciutto; the loaf boasts layers of prosciutto, teamed with a delightfully aggressive white cheddar that battles with the pesto for prominence. That means the bread is fully loaded with flavor, armed with almost (but not quite) sandwich-level enhancements.

Beyond the pretzel bread, the bakery turns out lots of other products which include savory flatbreads laden with toppings and breadsticks, as well as sweetbreads such as a lemon-blackberry loaf and other fruity things made with mangoes or peaches. And while Weed Knob Acres doesn’t have a storefront, you can find its wares weekly at The Worthington Farmers Market. Go early, and you can avoid most of the stroller, dog, and frustrated shopper congestion.

You can learn more about its menu (and local outlets) at weedknobacres.com.

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