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Ohio’s Own: Twenty-4 Zen Granola

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Twenty-4 Zen Granola
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There’s a good bit of philosophy that goes with Beachwood, Ohio’s Twenty-4 Zen Granola.

First, it’s hemp seed granola. Some people are really hip, and know all about hemp: what it is, all its uses and health benefits. Other sorts of people have a few crafty hemp bracelets and the vague recollection that hemp might have something to do with marijuana.

Fair Warning: this evaluation is written for those who share the second perspective.

There are apparently decent reasons to eat hemp seeds. They’re sort of like flax seeds, in that proponents claim the the seeds are relatively high in protein, with the right balance of amino acids and also the right balance of fatty acids.

In terms of working as a granola component, the Twenty-4 Zen concoction is defined more by its oats. It’s lots of flakes of oats which makes it a really natural-tasting, mildly sweet, soft and chewy granola. You don’t really notice hemp or anything unusual.

It should be noted that this granola isn’t the sort for crunchy, junky sugar cravings, it’s far more functional feeling than that.

Then again, reviews are subjective. And the Twenty-4 Zen granolas are optimized for different chakras. There’s more philosophy for you -this time, Hindu. The flavor selected (Mocha Chocolate Chip) was optimized for the red, “root” chakra. You can take a quiz online through the granola-maker’s website and find out which of your chakras need fortifying. Mine was green, which is apparently the heart. That might call for a different granola flavor.

Whichever the chakra, the ingredients beyond the hemp seed seem pretty wholesome. The list also includes “Glute free rolled oats”, organic agave nectar, and cashews.

Bottom line: it’s Ohio granola. It’s natural tasting, good for you and your chakras, and did not inspire the munchies or any urge to listen to Pink Floyd.

More information can be found online at www.twenty4zen.com.

Photo via Twenty-4 Zen.

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